Jo, Neil, Ethan & Eva

I loved this family shoot and had so much fun with the Taylors! Ethan was full of boundless energy and was a total star in front of the camera, he also doted on his little sister Eva which was adorable. And how can I not mention gorgeous Eva's full head of hair at just four weeks old, she just melted my heart!

I was a total pleasure to spend time with these guys, thank you for welcoming me into your home Jo & Neil x

Katie, Sam, Jack, Lola & Tom / Family Shoot

I recently headed to The Lickey Hills to meet up with sisters Katie and Sam and their little ones, Jack, Lola & Tom. I haven't been to The Lickey Hills for such a long time and I'd forgotten how stunning it is there! We had great fun exploring the woods and splashing in puddles before heading to the park to play on the swings. It was so cute to see these 3 cousins together on their big adventure!

Vicky, Meelia, Amiya & Kiki

There is nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her children and I loved photographing Vicky & her three absolutely gorgeous girls; Meelia, Amiya & Kiki. These girls are just the cutest! We did the majority of the shoot indoors as It was a pretty grey day but we did manage to nip outside for a few shots before the gloom set in and we headed back inside for more cuddles and 'sleeping bunnies!'. I had so much fun on this shoot; I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Jo & Ellie

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Jo and beautiful baby Ellie as a surprise first Fathers day present for Jo's husband Mark . Such a sweet idea! We headed to Jeffson Gardens in Leamington to enjoy the sunshine and the lovely flowers the gardens have to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot, there's nothing better than seeing the bond between a mother and her baby and these two are just gorgeous. I have been reliably infomed by Jo that Mark loved his present!


Life Lately / Personal

I have recently started a 365 project, which entails taking a photo a day for a year. I decided to embark on this project after realising that my iphone was getting far too much use rather than my camera for my own personal photos. This is something that I've started before but for one reason or another haven't seen through to the end so this time I'm determined. I'm 25 days in and loving using my camera on a daily basis. You can follow my progress over on instagram, I must warn you though there's quite a few baby ones!! Here is a round up of life lately...

Faye, Chris & Baby Callum

Let me introduce you to Faye & Chris' gorgeous boy Callum. This little man was born on 4th April which just so happens to be the same birthday as his daddy and a day before his mummy's...I think that has to be the best birthday present ever! I first met Callum when he was just 4 weeks old and again at 6 weeks. This boy is going to be a heartbreaker that's for sure.

Kim/ Maternity Shoot

It was so lovely catching up and spending the day with Kim, Neil and their gorgeous daughter Chloe. I love shooting maternity portraits and was thrilled to bits when Kim asked me to take some photos of her and her bump so close to the date their baby boy arrived in the world. Congratulations you lot, can't wait to meet your little man in the coming days! xx